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Long story Short

There's a lot of thought, planning, and sometimes adventure that goes into every picture we take. The behind-the-scenes strategies are sometimes stories within themselves. Things don't always turn out according to plan. Sometimes, they turn out even better, and other times, well, let's just say, you have to adapt.

This particular day was definitely an interesting one. We generally shoot on Sunday mornings. We try to get out to our location fairly early. The reason for this is two-fold: First, the early morning light is a beautiful light for pictures, and second, there are much less people around to stare, wonder, comment, or try to photo bomb.

We hopped onto the first train of the morning- headed downtown Toronto for a location shoot. Despite my pleased disposition in the picture, it was cold. Thank goodness for the sun. I was also grateful that I chose the outfit I did.

This particular outfit always makes me feel sexy and confident about my body. I have curves, there's no hiding that. The best thing you can do for yourself is wear clothes that make you love the way you look and feel. Every time I put on this skirt, I feel like I embody the queen that I am and illuminate my latin side- like a flamenco dancer. The yellow Kate Spade bag brought with it just the perfect pop of colour that my outfit needed.

Always embody the Queen you are

It’s always fun when the people around you smile and look on as Jaime is taking pictures. For those brief moments, I am a mysterious person capturing the moment and feel of the location. Of course, it must be said: Jaime is somewhat of a magician. The lighting inside the subway wasn’t the most pleasing light, but Jaime has an impeccable talent for making everything look beautiful, soft, and perfect.

Our Sunday shoots always entail changing into various outfits, so I come prepared with a bag full of clothing, shoes, accessories, etc. As we exited the subway, ready to move onto the next location, I realized I had left my bag at the station. As Murphy’s Law goes, the bag contained some of my favourite items. Isn’t that always the way?

After a mini argument... err... discussion about whose fault it was, we ended up at my go-to store, Dynamite in order to buy some more outfits to complete the photo session. If there’s one thing Jaime and I are good at, it’s thinking on our toes.

Our photos were taken and the extra clothes were bought (a lady can never have too many clothes), and we decided to take a chance and speak to a TTC employee to ask what the chances were of finding out. I didn’t have high hopes, to be honest. The employee suggested that we come back on Tuesday after the long weekend, but that the chances of finding it were pretty high. Sure enough, Tuesday rolled around and Jaime found the bag and all of its contents!

All in all, it ended up being a great day. I got to spend some special quality time with my husband (A.K.A the magician), we got some great pictures, and we recovered the missing bag. I kept the extra clothing I bought because, well, why not?


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