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"it's time to celebrate us"

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

Anyone who knows me knows how much I enjoy people, parties, and elegant, beautiful things. The White Party at Gabe + Angel Spa was exactly that: An elegant, beautiful gathering.

Downtown Oakville hosts an event every year called Midnight Madness. The entire downtown area is closed to vehicular traffic, and all vendors “take it outside.” From appetizing food to pleasing music, Midnight Madness is an evening that delights your senses.

Gabe + Angel is a quaint and charming spa located exactly on the downtown Oakville Strip. They hosted a White Party during Midnight Madness, and Peony Photography was lucky enough to capture the entire evening.

This beautiful spa is run by a glorious Boss Babe. Argentina- the owner of Gabe + Angel, who is the epitome of the word boss lady. She is an intelligent and ambitious entrepreneur who has a focused vision for her business and it is truly admirable.

I was lucky enough to meet there my friend Karina, who is the co-owner of Oko Bagels in Oakville, also a boss lady, who is beautiful and wise, and has a contagious sweet energy.

And last but not least, I met Heather Saunders a charming spirit and an incredible blogger. Her beauty, warmth and intelligence were refreshing and real. These were some of the wonderful women and entrepreneurs, who were part of this great event that was raising funds for Halton Women Place.

We talked about the challenges that we face at work, with our families, our friends.
These ladies manifested what it meant to follow your dreams, and not to let fear stop you from achieving your goals.

Spending time with these strong and bright women made for an incredible evening and a memorable experience all around. It also made me reflect upon the importance of strength and independence in the community, and the power that support among us all for us all can have. We are all strong, wonderful, and powerful women- each in our own unique manner. We rise by lifting each other up. There is plenty of success to go around and the more we support each other, the more success is created. It’s a glorious system, if tended to properly, like A.K.A “ Karma ”.

These women, that I had the pleasure of shooting taught me to be an unapologetic badass. Do whatever it is that you do- and do it fiercely well. Don’t apologize, explain, or excuse. Those who love you and your energy will support you. Those who don’t, well, they’re not even worth discussing.

Peace and Blessings Always.


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