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happy birthday to me

Today marks my 40th Birthday, Yay for me! I must say, becoming a middle-aged woman has crept up on me so quietly, but I wouldn’t change it for a thing.

Because, being 40 doesn’t mean the end of my youth or that I will start to live my life at a slower pace. No way. Being 40 today shows me unequivocally that the old cliche rings true “age is nothing but a number".

“The healthiest thing you can do to keep looking and feeling young is Happiness. Being happy and finding happiness in every situation has kept me glowing and energized to care for my family"

In this new chapter of my life, I am going to do what I have always done and that is embrace life’s experiences. Like starting a blog and getting out of my comfort zone.

I am going to embrace 40

I will dance like I am 20 and love like a teen. I will laugh and giggle and still live in wonder and awe of each day. I will celebrate this special occasion with my family and friends and relish in the love. Year 40 has shown me what I am capable of and what’s still left for me to accomplish. I have live just enough to know what I am worth and I can honestly say that I have done pretty good so far. I love 40 and I totally love Me. So yes, Happy Birthday To Me!

Cheers to everyone who’s with me on this fantastic journey.

Turning 40 is totally awesome!



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