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A Beautiful Smile starts with a Healthy Mouth

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

This statement cannot be any truer. But, buying an electric toothbrush, can be a little intimidating.

You can find yourself standing in the middle of the aisle, staring at countless electric toothbrushes options - size, price, colours - Which one should I Buy?

I switched from manual to electric more than twelve years ago, when I got pregnant with my first child. Since then, I haven't gone back.

What can I say? I like the fresh sensation I get after a cleaning visit at the dentist and The New CariPRO from Smile Brilliant does exactly that.

Is like having a professional dental cleaning every time you brush.

It comes with very innovative features too. For example, when it pulses, The CariPRO is telling you that is time to move to a different quadrant of your mouth. It also tells you how long you should brush your teeth for! Nothing is cleaner than that.

Which means that you will clean your teeth from every angle and for the full two minutes, LIKE A PRO!!! ( No more plaque on the back of your molars, YAY )

I have been very diligent for the past three weeks using The cariPRO Electric Toothbrush and here's what I think:
My teeth are 2x time whiter ( sparkly white )
My gum health improved tremendously.
My teeth feel free of plaque ( I can't wait for my next dentist appointment to show my pearly whites)

It basically covers all your needs, even if you are a picky toothbrush person, like me. I had no idea what I was missing out and why I haven't tried The CariPRO Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush before.

The CariPRO comes with 5 Brush Modes ( I tried them all ) and here's my opinion on them:


Standard setting. Fresh and Squeaky clean for superior cleaning. I totally recommend this for daily use.


This setting was a little bit different. It is it's more powerful cleaning mode. It helps you remove stains from your teeth and is a polishing a vigorous deep cleaning. I will not recommended it for daily use, but using it every other day is fine.


A massage for your teeth? Really? The Answer to that question is YES. It will stimulate your gum, think about like an extra step to amp up your toothbrush routine. This Mode is better when you paired with the Clean Mode. Your teeth and gums will thank you later!


When it comes to your mouth's health, it's not all about your teeth. Your gums are a great indicator of your overall health. That is why this mode caught my attention right away. It's a lower and lighter setting to help you improve the circulation of your gums and it feels like a Spa for your mouth. My fave setting for sure.


For all my friends who have sensitive gums and teeth this brushing mode is for You. This setting is ideal if you find the CLEAN mode a bit aggressive.

This is a more gentle cleaning mode. It will change your life.

And, are you ready for this? It's handle is made with a Waterproof design, so is safe enough if you want to use it in the bath or shower. I think this is Brilliant!!!

So, If you are still going old school with a manual toothbrush, Why don't you give CariPRO

Ultrasonic Electrical brush a try?

Let's be honest, if you make brushing your teeth easy and fun, you are more likely to stick with it, Am I Right?

One last thing, It is super Affordable. This Toothbrush is a MUST.

You can use my promo code ( link down below ) to make it even more worth it ... YOU ARE WELCOME.

MY DISCOUT CODE : claraandpeony20

20% Off CariPRO Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush

If you have any extra question or just simply want to know a little bit more about this super amazing toothbrush, you can visit the following links:

Giveaway Link:

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